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Benno's Dream

Blue Star x Dina


Benno's Dream truly lives up to his name.  A German Riding Pony of commanding presence; Benno's Dream has charm, charisma and a magnetism that is rarely seen.

Breed: German Riding Pony
Gender: Stallion
Color: Chestnut
Height: 14.3 h
YOB: 1996
Registered: Weser-Ems
Registration Number: DE 335 350251696
Approved Registries: RPSI, Weser-Ems, ISR/Oldenburg, NASPR


In Germany, Benno's Dream was the 1999 Champion (out of 32 stallions) of his 30-day stallion test with a record score of 8.95 (159 points).  His stallion test scores included a perfect 10 for rideability and marks of 9 and 10 on character, temperament and willingness. He received scores of 8 and 9 on gaits, free jumping, course jumping and cross-country work. He became the Reserve Champion of the Landeschampionat in Weser-Ems, and qualified for the Bundeschampionat. In 2000, Benno's Dream became the Champion of the Landchampionat of Weser-Ems and was again qualified for the Bundeschampionat. In Germany, Benno's Dream competed against horses, winning at third level dressage and 3'11 show jumping.
In 2002, Benno's Dream proved to be not only a performance champion, but also a Sire of Champions. Benno's Dream produced 6 colts who qualified for the Elite Foal Championships. In 2003, his oldest son became the stallion licensing Champion.
In 2002 Benno's Dream was imported to the United States by Nancy Ferebee. Since then Benno's Dream has become a pony who stands above horses.  He was the Georgia inspection site Champion for the American Warmblood Registry, and is the only pony to be accepted into both the AWR and the ASPR.  He received a score of 8.2, First Premium Premiere, with a 9 on jumping. Comments included: Elegant… lovely suspension and extension, floating trot with ground covering, rolling canter. Benno's Dream again became an inspection site Champion - this time for the ISR/Oldenburg, N.A. Stallion Inspection; again receiving the free jumping score of 9.0.  Bennos' Dream has the highest index score from the licensing of all ISR/Oldenburg, N.A. stallions: 237.5 points.
Benno Dream's American competition debut was the 2003 Heidelburg Cup show in Florida where he received the score of 72.5% from Lilo Fore for his performance at 3rd Level, Test 4, thus capturing the Heidelburg Cup High Score of Show Award.  Benno's Dream is the only pony in the award's history to have been awarded the Heidelburg Cup!    He received a score of 8 on his gaits and comments appreciative of his uphill carriage and suppleness.  In 2003, he took 3 out of 3 blue ribbons at the USDF Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern and won 2 blues and high scoring pony at the USDF Raleigh Capital Dressage Classic. In 2004, he competed at Third Level, again taking several blue ribbons.
Also in 2004, during a piaffe and passage clinic with Juan Matute, the Spanish Olympian said, "...I know this pony who moves like a warmblood will perform at Grand Prix!"  A German Grand Prix rider taught Benno's Dream his two tempi changes in one day and a German Grand Prix show jumper commented "...I want him in big. He jumps round like a ball!"
Benno's Dream is the Sire of:
  • 2011 Georgia Site Inspection Champion:  Bonnaroo - Movement Score, 8.7    Breeder/Owner:  Kim Fordney
  • 2011 Site Inspection Champion:  TLF Bejeweled - Score, 8.5    Breeder/Owner:  Mary Barrett
  • Stallion Licensing Champion:  Benno's Hit


Benno's Dream - Dressage

Benno's Dream - Jumping

Bonnaroo by Benno's Dream - 2011 Atlanta, Georgia ISR/Oldenburg Site Inspection Champion

Sire Info

Benno's Dream's sire descends from the famous Grannus, originally known disparagingly as the pony maker. What was not known was that Grannus would go on to produce 7 Olympic horses, more than 60 approved stallions and several millions of deutschmarks in winnings. Benno's Dream carries on the winning traditions and pre-potent characteristics of that great stallion...


Dam Info

His breeder's only pony, Dina produced 6 offspring. With only Dina's 6 offspring, her owner placed 23rd in pony breeding premiums in Germany in 2001.


Benno's Dream - Pedigree

          Black Grannus  
      Black Boy      
  Blue Star         
Benno's Dream
      Arthur O'Fon  
          Bryncerring Shan  

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